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The great magic of Christmas in Gubbio

Vista natalizia di Gubbio

Every year in December and until the Epiphany in Gubbio the great magic of Christmas is renewed.

Let’s start from the fact that Gubbio is a splendid medieval city that deserves to be visited, if you then add the Christmas atmosphere everything becomes perfect to enjoy the wonders of the holidays. The alleys and squares of the ancient village come alive with coloured lights and its inhabitants have always done their utmost to welcome visitors who come from all over the world.

The village of Santa Claus

A few years ago ChristmasLand (www.gubbionatale.it) was born, a circuit of many attractions that have transformed Gubbio into a true “Christmas town”. Before leaving, remember to download the map with all the attractions and buy the ticket by accessing directly from the site on ticketone.it
You just have to immerse yourself in the party letting yourself be seduced by the charm and atmosphere of the markets in search of some original ideas for Christmas gifts, and believe that there is something for everyone.

The stands are set up inside wooden houses just like in Santa Claus’ village. You can savour new flavours, ranging from chocolate to craft beer, from sausages to truffles, from oil to new wine and then a great variety of local handicraft products such as ceramics and wrought iron.

Children will be involved in many activities designed specifically for them to transport them into an unrepeatable emotional experience. They will be able to choose whether to stroll through the streets of Gubbio aboard Santa’s train or on his sleigh pulled by wonderful horses, stopping at the Enchanted Carousel. The completely renovated ChristmasVR-Santa Cl….House will bring your children to experience an extraordinary virtual trip; they will find themselves inside Santa Claus’ House in the North Pole and together with Santa Claus they will travel on his Christmas sleigh to return to Gubbio, at the foot of the largest Christmas tree in the world.

Even adults are entitled to some good fun.
While a trip in VR has been dedicated to the little ones, the Egubini, for you grownups, have thought of giving a wonderful feeling by letting you discover the beauties of the city of Gubbio from above: the “Colle Eletto” cableway or the Big Ferris Wheel of the North Pole certainly are for you to fully admire the extraordinary nature of the large Christmas tree and the illuminated streets of this beautiful village.

The magic of chocolate

Surely with all this wandering you will want a little “sweetness”.
So, if you are a chocolate lover like myself, a real chocolate party awaits you in the cellars of Palazzo Conti della Porta. You will be literally greeted by delicious chocolate sculptures and extraordinary settings, while the master chocolatiers are waiting for you to discover the wonderful world of chocolate through demonstrations and exquisite tastings. You can taste, but also buy the many new proposals that will delight your palate and that of your family and friends.

Museum of Arts and Crafts

And if you are not tired yet, I recommend a visit to the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Palazzo Beni dedicated to the arts and traditions that have characterized this land over the centuries. A collection of over 2,000 objects, ranging from the second half of the 1,600s up to the present day, exhibited on an area of 670 square meters.

The international exhibition of the Nativity scene

To fully immerse yourself in the spirituality of Christmas in a wonderful palace of the medieval town, the International Exhibition of Nativity Art is set up every year. You can admire a unique collection of nativity scenes, true masterpieces, each with its own peculiarities. Reproductions of everyday life scenes recreated with the use of
materials ranging from the simplest to the most refined. The settings are particular: from alpine landscapes to small Italian villages.

The Christmas tree of Gubbio

There are many attractions dedicated to young and old, but the undisputed star of the party remains the Christmas tree of Gubbio.
It was 1981 when a group of volunteers came up with the idea of creating the largest Christmas tree in the world for Christmas; the tree has entered the Guinness Book of Records since 1991 and is now one of the symbols of the Umbria region.
The volunteers decide to create the Tree on the slopes of Mount Ingino which acts as a backdrop to the medieval city, using more than 300 green coloured lights to make the perimeter while inside it another 450 multi-coloured lights.
The Tree reaches a height of 750 meters and is therefore clearly visible from the hills surrounding the valley.
To complete the work, a wonderful comet built with 250 lights that draw its shape.
Every year the 7th of December is the day the lights get turned on and for the occasion an important guest is invited who has the honour of performing the ceremony. This moment is always an emotion; just think that in 2014 Pope Francis was the special guest.
Starting from November, a beautiful initiative organized by the Gubbio volunteers will make your Christmas atmosphere even more special: you can adopt one of the many lights of the Christmas tree and dedicate it to a loved one. Just connect to the website www.alberodigubbio.com and click on the “Adopt a light” button.

Umbria is a wonderful land to visit in all seasons, it is a land full of spirituality. With the Christmas holidays the energy that releases the green heart of Italy becomes even stronger and deeper.
If you want to live this time of year intensely, treat yourself to a few days or even just a weekend in this magical region, letting yourself be carried away by forgotten emotions and sensations, to also become a child again.

Happy holidays everyone!!!!