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Frequently Asked Questions about Agriturismo Ampungnano

Location and points of interest

Where are you? Are you on the plains or in the hills?
We are in the hills, between Gubbio and Umbertide; a strategic position to reach many beautiful places to see in Umbria. From here you can also easily reach Marche and Tuscany.

How far is your farmhouse from Gubbio?
About 20 minutes by main road and 25 minutes by panoramic road, which passes through the Umbrian hills and leads right to Agriturismo Ampugnano. If you are not in a hurry, we advise you to follow it, it is very recommendable!

How far is Agriturismo Ampugnano from Assisi?
To get to Assisi it takes just 30 minutes by freeway. The entrance is 3 km from the farmhouse.

Services in the farmhouse and nearby

Do you have rooms or apartments?
We have three apartments.

Is there air conditioning in the apartments?
No, but you won’t miss it too much. Even in August, at night in Ampugnano we often sleep with a sheet and blanket!

Do you provide sheets and towels?
Yes, upon arrival you will find everything in your apartment.

Are there any shops nearby?
Yes, it’s a 5 minute drive. You can take the main road or a very fast asphalted road that will take you to Umbertide. There you will find everything you need: supermarkets, chemists, tobacconists and post office. There is usually a market on Wednesdays in the town’s main square.

Eating in Ampugnano

Can I cook in the apartment?
Yes. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen to give you the possibility to cook if you want to eat independently.

Is breakfast included in the weekly package?
Only for the first few days. We prefer to leave you the freedom to organize yourself for the following mornings.

Do you serve breakfast in the lounge?
No. You can have breakfast in the apartment.

We only stay 2/3 days. Do you provide the breakfast?
Upon arrival you will find a rich welcome breakfast in the kitchen of your apartment: coffee, tea, sugar, milk, rusks, jam, biscuits and the cake prepared by us. It is very filling, so you will have everything you need to have breakfast even the following mornings.

Do you prepare dinner?
Every now and then we organize a dinner in the hall of Agriturismo Ampugnano and we invite all our guests to participate. They are very pleasant evenings in which to meet other people.

Are dinners with other guests there every evening?
No, just some evenings.

If there is no organized dinner, can I still order something?
Yes, we can prepare excellent cutting boards with: cold cuts of meat, Torta al testo (the typical Umbrian focaccia “sciapa”, i.e. without salt), cheeses with jams, pickles and seasonal salads. We also have red and white wine. As an alternative to the cutting board, you can ask for a pizza.
We will also point out if, in the surroundings, there are festivals where you can taste local specialties at reasonable prices.

Swimming pool

How big is the pool?
The swimming pool is 6×14 meters large and has a constant depth of 1.40 meters. It canaccommodate up to 10 people.

Can people who are not guests of the farmhouse have access to the pool?
No. The pool is reserved for those who stay with us.

Do you have to wear a swimming cap?
Yes. We clean the pool every day, but if you wear a swimming cap, the water will stay clean longer throughout the day.

Do you have any other questions? Write to us!